Let’s talk about rasam

Rasam is probably one of the most underrated dishes in South India. The plan is to deconstruct the benefits of rasam and consume rasam everyday.

Pepper, jeera, garlic, and tamarind are the major ingredients of rasam; each known to cure and heal a number of infections. When all these ingredients are used together, it becomes an ultimate medicine for so many health issues.

Tangy Tomato Rasam

Tangy Tomato Rasam

To name a few…
1. Digestion– It aids digestion and keeps intestines working properly.

2. Prevents constipation– Rasam contains tamarind that is rich in dietary fibre. It adds bulk to food and eases bowel movement.

3. Healthy skin– The ingredients in rasam are rich in antioxidants. Thus, it protects the body against attack of free radicals. The skin remains young, supple, and healthy.

4. Introducing baby to solid food– Babies can be introduced to rasam as their first solid food because it is easily digestible as well as tasty. Semi-solid food is the best type of food for a baby who has recently been weaned off mother’s milk.

5. Helps weight loss– The black pepper content of rasam is what helps the body lose weight. It promotes removal of toxins by making the body sweat. Thus, the body’s metabolism is kept working properly.