Eat Healthy, Eat Authentic @ MoreMilaga


Here’s something about MoreMilaga:

You often read stories of entrepreneurs who came up with their killer idea in the hope of changing the world.

Well not us…

We like vegetarian home food. We like Technology. So we tried making technology get us great home food.

Why eat outside when Home cooked food is just 3 clicks away?

Eat Healthy! Eat Authentic!

Discover a home away from home @

Yumm, yes! Straight from the homes of Triplicane, Mylapore, and Tiruvanmyur.

Dear Working couples, senior citizens, Bachelors:

It need not always be a meal. It can even be piece meal. You can just order curry, sambar or curry & sambar combo. Simple! Make yours (rice), mix ours.

High Class Vegetarian Home food! Moremilaga….. Need we say more!